Industry leading solutions require industry leading partners.

HepcoAutomation are approved suppliers of the following companies:

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HepcoAutomation - Kuka

The system partnership between HepcoAutomation and worldwide robot manufacturer KUKA, allows you to benefit from two proven specialists in the field of automation. KUKA has a wide range of industrial robots and a worldwide reputation for innovation, the range of robots are used extensively in the automotive industry and have now become the default name in many other industries.


HepcoAutomation - HepcoMotion

A world leading manufacturer of linear motion systems and automation components, Hepco has been leading the development of V Guide technology since 1969, and continues to develop innovative linear motion products that offer new solutions to design engineers. As part of the Hepco group of companies, HepcoAutomation benefits from Hepco’s 45 years of experience.


HepcoAutomation - Omron

Omron has an extensive range of industrial automation products and a worldwide reputation for high quality. As a key Omron system integrator partner, HepcoAutomation is able to offer superior application expertise for customers wanting reliable automation to drive down costs. The partnership is designed to make automation and robotics expertise available to all end users and machine builders no matter what experience they have.


HepcoAutomation - Wittenstein

WITTENSTEIN provide high-precision planetary gear heads that we employ wherever systems and parts have to be driven and controlled with utmost precision. WITTENSTEIN sets benchmarks worldwide in the machine building and drive technology sectors.